The (ho-dee-ay) bird set is our first set of photo cards. Designed originally to connect and engage with people living with memory or other cognitive impairment, (ho-dee-ay) cards are also great for educators, meeting facilitators, families, or anyone who loves birds!

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Would you like to us to donate a set of (ho-dee-ay) cards to a facility that helps care for people living with dementia? If so, please include the name and address of a specific facility in the box below (or just tell us to choose one!), and we will send it along with a personalized note. If you would like your donation in honor or memory of a loved one, please include their name.


Twenty-three pairs of vivid, colorful, dynamic bird photographs make up our first (ho-dee-ay) set. You’ll see photos of songbirds, jays, shore birds, herons, geese, ducks, and raptors, all taken by Vermont photographer Peter Riley. There are no rules to the games you can play with these cards; however, included in each set is a list of suggested activities to get you started. Keep a set in your bag, in your car, in the nightstand, on your coffee table–and be ready to engage with friends, family, loved ones, or strangers. To see a preview of the photos included in the set, check out the “birds” page on our website!

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Weight .75 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


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