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My father-in-law immediately plunged into using these cards despite his late-stage dementia. So happy and grateful! -Cheryl, NH

Thank you!  My 96-year-old mother-in-law was instantly fascinated and her caregiver was excited to have a game to “play” together! -Mary, CT

My daughter bought the Birds set It came last week. I just leave it on the table and my wife (who has Alzheimer’s) spends as long as I am at the table and seems to love the experience. It is a challenge and seems rewarding. It’s the only game she will work on without requiring help. Its a big hit. Thanks so much for creating it. -Tom, OR

Thanks for inventing & sharing such a loving gift as this card game.-Jo, VA

We have several participants at our Senior Day Program who have enjoyed arranging the cards or simply looking at the beautiful photographs. The deck is a good tool for staff or a volunteer to quietly connect 1-1 with a participant with dementia. -Anya, VT

I was very pleased when I received my set of Bird cards. I had purchased them for my sister who has dementia and is in an assisted living facility. She has always liked birds and I figured she might enjoy the cards, which she does. It is particularly nice that there are no hard and fast rules. She especially enjoys matching the pairs or finding birds of the same color. -Karen, NJ

I work as an RN in elderly services in Vermont. Our activity coordinator presented your Bird set to me when I was spending time with an advanced dementia participant and it was wonderful to see his engagement. -Maura, VT